No one wants to end up in the Westlake City Jail. But if the Westlake Historical Society has its way, many residents will be going directly to jail.

The historical society is developing a Westlake version of the popular board game Monopoly, known for its high-priced properties and cards telling players to go directly to jail without receiving their $200 for passing “GO.”

Lysa Stanton, president of the historical society, came up with the idea. The Monopoly board has been frequently customized with themes for particular locales.

Stanton believes the game is a good platform on which to capture the suburb’s character.

“The game showcases Westlake’s rich history as much as its future,” she said.

Streets and landmarks depicted on the game board will be named after Westlake locations. For example, a player may have the chance to purchase Dover Center Road or Hilliard Boulevard.

The historical society is also selling spots on the “Westlakeopoly” board to local businesses and organizations. About 40 spots are available, said Dave Pfister, Stanton’s husband and membership chairman for the organization. Prices for property spaces range from $200 to $500. Local businesses can also purchase mentions on the cards drawn by players.

“It’s going to be a real nice representation of the Westlake area,” Pfister told West Life. “We’re going to have a real local flavor to it.”

Pfister declined to name the company manufacturing the game for the society, but did say Westlakeopoly will be officially licensed by Hasbro, the owner of Monopoly.

The Westlakeopoly board games will be available for sale toward the end of 2014, Pfister said, and will sell for $25 to $30. Proceeds will go toward the historical society’s restoration fund for the Lily Weston House, located on Center Ridge Road near the Westlake Recreation Center. The organization’s ultimate goal is to turn the house into a museum focusing on the history of Westlake.

Businesses or organizations interested in purchasing properties on the Westlakeopoly game board can contact the Westlake Historical Society by calling 440-808-1961 or e-mailing westlakehistory@yahoo.com.



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