Bay Village

A trio of alleged senior citizen bad boys has been warned to stop their bullying or face criminal charges, Bay Village city police officials said.

Department officials have been investigating recent reports of a trio of senior men allegedly harassing and bullying other residents at the Knickerbocker Apartments, the senior housing apartment complex located at 27100 Knickerbocker Road, off Dover Center Road. The complex is for residents age 62 and older and also federal HUD (Housing and Urban Development) housing. The reports included allegations of verbal abuse, physical and verbal intimidation and keying of cars.

Police Chief Mark Spaetzel said department officers have been checking and working on dealing with the allegations in conjunction with Knickerbocker management.

“At this point, it’s not at the level of criminal charges,” he said. “We are taking them seriously and have told them (the alleged offenders) that they can’t keep up this kind of behavior without facing consequences.”

Detective Jay Elish, one of the investigating officers, likened the incidents to schoolyard bullying tactics by the three perpetrators.

“These guys are in better shape physically than other residents, and basically they were bullying some of the other people there, which isn’t acceptable,” Elish said. “We have let them know that this is not acceptable.”

Elish said there is not enough evidence to file any charge on property damage, such as the alleged keying of cars by the trio.

“We’ve also let them know that we are watching the area and checking for signs of any other problems,” he said. “If there are, we’ll act on them.”

Police said at least one of the men is apparently leaving the complex, which should help resolve the problems.


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