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Versatility is always a plus in football, and Bay Village City School District Superintendent Clint Keener is hoping whoever replaces former Bay High head coach Ryan Gorius has it.

When asked by several football team parents who attended the Feb. 10 school board meeting how the district plans to go about replacing Gorius, Keener said that the district is working on several options. He noted that the district received word that a longtime math teacher in the district is retiring at roughly the same time Gorius let people know that after four years as the head coach, he will not be returning for the 2014 season.

“The ideal situation would be for us to find someone who is an outstanding math teacher and a top football coach,” Keener said. “That way we can fill both positions with the one individual.”

Keener said it is not a requirement that the new coach be a math teacher, only that it would be the best possible situation for the district.

Ed Debarr, one of the parents, asked where the district would be seeking the coach. He and the other parents said they were at the meeting to show support in finding the best possible coach to lead the program. The parents said they initially became aware of Gorius’ plans when he put it in the team’s online information. One parent asked why there was nothing about Gorius’ leaving on the agenda for the board meeting.

Keener said that since Gorius’ contract is up, the district does not have to formally accept a resignation, but will focus on finding the new head coach. As part of the process for finding the new head coach, Keener said, the district will post the football coach’s job within the district. In addition, he said athletics Director Matthew Spellman will be posting the job in athletics journals, online and at locations where it should be seen by strong potential coaches.

“We should be able to get a good group of candidates,” Keener said.

School board President Bill Selong asked about the length of the contracts for the assistant coaches. Keener said some were on one-year contracts and others are on two-year contracts. He said the ones on longer contracts can continue to work with returning players on the offseason programs. That will help ensure continuity while the district finds the new head coach, Keener said. In addition, Keener said Gorius indicated he would help senior players with anything they might need from the district and football program.

Asked about a possible timetable for hiring, Keener said Spellman quipped “yesterday,” but indicated the district would move on it as quickly as possible.


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