Athletes and fans will have something new to look forward to at Bay High School’s stadium in 2021.

A capital funds campaign is seeking to raise $1.6 million by next April for a new multi-purpose facility, dubbed One Rocket Nation. Home of the Rockets, a nonprofit dedicated to improving the school district, is leading the campaign.

The proposed 4,300-square-foot building will house the locker rooms for home and away teams, concession stands and the team’s spirit shop. Visitors now must go to one part of the stadium to use the restroom and another to get food, while athletes must go into the school to use the locker rooms, said Matt Spellman, Bay High School’s athletic director and a member of Home of the Rockets.

“This is truly a home for basically everyone that sets foot into the stadium, a one-stop shop,” he said.

Construction is expected to begin after the end of the next fall’s sports season, according to the organization’s website.

The project follows a wide array of renovations that the school has done for the sports complex, including new bleachers, turf and track.

Spellman said his association got the idea for the new facility after looking through blueprints of old renovation plans and noticing that a multi-purpose facility was left out due to budgeting constraints.

The organization began raising money for the project privately in 2017. However, issues with the complex’s drainage system put the project on hold. The current campaign began in September.

The association has raised more than $500,000, with $400,000 coming from the school district and the remainder from individual donations.

Spellman believes the structure will give Bay High’s 837 students as well as visitors to the Wolf Road site something new to enjoy.

To learn more about the project and how to support it, go to The group Is also offering its biggest backers an opportunity to name various parts of the facility.

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