By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Bay Village City Council unanimously approved April 18 a new three-year agreement with the police department supervisors union that mirrors agreements reached with four other employee groups, giving the workers raises each of the three years while they in turn pick up more of their health care costs.

In the agreement with the police lieutenants and sergeants union, the officers get increases of 2 percent in 2016, 2.25 percent in 2017 and 2.25 in 2018. The three-year contract is the maximum allowed by law. Union workers in turn agreed to increase their share of their health care costs to 11 percent in 2016, 12 percent in 2017 and 13 percent in 2018.

City and union officials both agreed the contract is fair to all parties involved.

“It’s very close to the contract approved with the police department patrol officers and other city unions,” Gary Ebert, the Bay Village law director, said. “Beyond the pay differential for lieutenants and sergeants, it’s essentially the same.”

Police Lt. Mark Palmer said the union had no problem agreeing to the new contract.

“We had good discussions and it was fair for us,” he said. “It was pretty easy to discuss and agree to this one.”

Mayor Debbie Sutherland was pleased.

“We have always had a good working relationship with our police department in many areas,” she said.

Finance Director Renee Mahoney said the incremental cost of wages for all three years over 2015 rates is $63,200 for wages and another $12,300 in pension relating to the wages, for a total cost of $75,500 for all three years. However, she said, the union’s agreeing to the three years of increased employee contributions for health care benefits the city by cutting employer premium costs. The union represents two lieutenants and four sergeants.

Ebert said the city and fire department union are continuing to work on finalizing a new agreement.

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