By Sue Botos

Rocky River

Depending on the whims of Mother Nature, city officials expect the numerous street and infrastructure projects now underway to be completed by the end of November.

Safety-service Director Mary Kay Costello has announced that part one of this year’s repaving program has been completed. The $1,285,936 project, bolstered by the passage of a 0.5-percent income tax increase last year, saw the resurfacing of Carolyn and Laverne avenues, Yacht Club Drive, portions of Elmwood Road, and parts of the recreation center and senior center parking lots.

Round two of the work began last week with the milling, or removal of the surface layer, on Riverview Avenue, between Wooster Road and Lakeview Avenue, with Rockland Avenue close behind. Costello added during last week’s City Council committee of the whole session that details are being completed on Northview Road after a lengthy water line replacement project.

The $1,174,000 second phase will include, in addition to work on Riverview and Rockland, resurfacing of Argyle Road, Argyle Oval, Elmwood (north of the Norfolk and Southern railroad tracks and including an adjoining section of Stratford Avenue), Pease Drive, Westover Avenue and Carol Boulevard. Paving of these streets was to begin yesterday.

Costello said the most extensive work will take place on Rockland, with an estimated time frame of five weeks. She has stated that the other streets would be paved more quickly, with a method similar to the one used on River Oaks Drive in the spring.

Costello also commented on the Morewood Parkway sanitary sewer work, which has resulted in a large hole in the work area on Morewood just north of the railroad tracks. “There is an enormous metal ring in place, I’ve never seen anything like that,” Costello stated. The project is expected to help with flooding issues in the area, and will affect 350 homes. The project will include construction of an 18-inch sanitary sewer force main, plus associated pavement, curb, driveway apron and sidewalk repair, and is expected to last until December.

Ward 3 Councilman Michael O’Donnell remarked that a resident expressed concern over Morewood being closed, but Costello said there is one-way traffic northbound, and a detour for southbound vehicles. “Further communication on this is needed,” she said, adding that while fliers have been distributed to homes in the area, residents are urged to register for “Ready Notify” on the city website, to be informed of recent updates.

In other infrastructure business, council began discussion of legislation which will enter the city into an agreement with the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works for cleaning, televising and other sewer related services.

The ordinance sponsor, Ward 4 Councilman John Shepherd, said that the measure does not obligate the city to use county services for sewer maintenance for streets such as Center Ridge, Wooster, Story and Spencer roads, which are under county jurisdiction.

“We will continue to use AAA and United Survey for our sewer projects on side streets,” Costello commented. Asked by Councilman at Large Dave Furry if the county would pay for work on main roads, Costello responded, “That’s not how it works now. There was even a time when the county would plow their streets.”

She added, that the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) offers grants for paving and sewer work on these streets, such as the work that was done on Lake Road. The city, in these cases, must pay a matching 20 percent.

“Until they come in and pull up the entire street, we maintain it,” she stated. Costello added that by using county services, county officials can get a firsthand look at the condition of the streets.

Costello also commented on the green infrastructure project at Rocky River Park. While it is moving along on schedule, she said, some unexpectedly unstable soil in the southeast corner of the parking lot has called for additional repair. “It’s as if you were standing on a trampoline,” she noted. As weather allows, paving at the park is scheduled for this week.

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