Patrons of the Cahoon Memorial Park system may soon be able to feel more connected to everything the park has to offer.

City Council approved an application Oct. 7 for a $114,550 Transit for Livable Communities grant for a new paved trail segment in Cahoon Park. If the grant is approved, construction is expected to begin next year.

“We wanted to look at ways to better unify Cahoon Park,” Councilwoman Sara Byrnes-Maier said. “It gives people more options for getting around the park.”

City officials cited the city’s new library as one of the primary reasons for the trail, but it will also help connect both halves of the park and provide passage to Lake Erie, Mayor Paul Koomar said.

The new trail segment is among a number of projects the city is undertaking for Cahoon Memorial Park. The city recently received a $373,500 grant to rebuild a deteriorating bridge over Cahoon Creek. Work on the new bridge is expected to begin next year with the new 500 foot trail segment connecting to it.

In 2017, the city conducted a study in cooperation with the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency that focused on the town’s center. It looked at ways to improve biking, hiking and walking.

“The study really looked at what are the ways to help people move north, south, east and west,” said Councilman Peter Winzig.“It’s exciting for us because we’re in a position to work with the city and put our plan in place.”

Koomar has expressed enthusiasm for the project and is looking forward to the trail’s construction.

“This trail will allow families to utilize the park and encourage folks to get out and bike or walk in our parks system,” Koomar said. “For parents that have children in multiple activities moving back and forth throughout Cahoon Park, this will be a benefit as well.”

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