New baseball fields on Clague Road are about to start taking shape.

Westlake City Council awarded a $950,000 contract to J.L. Moore Inc.,of Cleveland on July 9 to reshape the site to add a fourth field, concession stands and a scoreboard. Four new fields will replace the three existing fields on Clague Road, which will close in August to begin construction.

Seeding for the new fields will begin in the fall and the park is expected to reopen in the spring, according to the city’s Engineer Bob Kelly.

The construction may require next spring’s baseball season to start a little earlier and end a little later and it may require doubling up on fields to have two games in a night, Director of Recreation Bob DeMinico said.

“It’s all still being determined but it will be worth the pain and suffering when it’s there,” he said.

Kelly said that the total cost of the project will reach $2.3 million when it’s done. This initial contract does not include plans for new playgrounds, which the city may include at a later date. The city also will purchase “soft costs” for the park like tables and other smaller amenities not included in construction.

Both DeMinico and Kelly have spent more than a year working with nearby residents over their concerns including site drainage. The city has addressed these concerns by adding storm sewers into the design that will help remove storm water when it rains.

Other concerns included parking issues involving the Clague Playhouse and the Clague Museum, which share the site. The work will add 60 more parking spots.

“Having a brand-new facility where you can have three or four games going at once will bring hundreds of people together in the area,” DeMinico said. “Your neighbor or your friends could be on the field right behind you. It will be a natural gathering place.”

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