Developers of 700 Lake are close to reaching a final design for the 2.5-acre, $35 million lakefront condominium and townhome development on Lake Road just west of Bradstreet’s Landing park.

In a work session on Aug 6, the Planning Commission reviewed new designs that reduced the size of the development’s underground parking lot.

The plan replaces a design that featured a parking deck for residents.

The total project, which has been discussed and before city and planning officials several times in the last two years, will have 20 condominiums in a four-story building with a terrace-style design will "nestle into" the sloping site. The proposed project, which takes its name from a house formerly there, also incorporates 13 townhouses on the west side of Breezevale Cove.

“We consulted with general contractors and structural engineers and other developers that it’s simply not a good idea to have a parking deck,” said Alexandra Yonkov, project manager of the development, during the work session. “This is because of maintenance issues and the burden it would place on the homeowner’s association and on the future residents.”

The previous design would have had a much higher risk of leaks and other maintenance costs that would have been more expensive in the long run, according to Yonkov.

Overall, developers cut 4,000 square feet from the project - 1,500 of storage and 2,500 of living space.

One of the three condos has also been removed and replaced with extra parking to make up for the scaled-back garage.

Over multiple reviews, city officials have raised a number of concerns about the project, including site topography distance and size of retaining walls and the look of the townhomes on Lake Road.

The Design Review Board is to consider the project on Aug. 20. It then will return to the Planning Commission on Sept. 17 for final design review before it goes to a public hearing.

“The city is working very hard with us,” said John Carney, Brickhaus’ partner for the project. “There are a lot of complexities that everyone needs to understand before anything moves forward and I’m very happy with how the process has been so far.”

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