The city will be a little greener next spring.

Fairview Park will use a $27,835 grant from the Cuyahoga County tree program to buy 34 Japanese Tree Lilacs and Thundercloud Plums and plant them on Lorain Road from West 221st Street to the Cleveland border.

They will be replace trees lost to age and Emerald Ash Borers in the past few years. City workers will plant the trees as Fairview Park’s $5,000 in-kind match for the grant.

“We’re very excited because they’re going to be a beautiful addition to the city and its tree canopy,” Mayor Eileen Patton said. “We’ve been wanting to get additional trees on that part of Lorain Road and this will enable us to do that.”

The trees will be planted on the east end of Lorain because the Lorain Road Streetscape program includes planting trees from West 221st Street to the western border with North Olmsted.

Part of the grant will be used to update the city’s tree inventory and for a management plan.

“The maintenance of existing tree canopy, as well as the planting of new trees, is critical for mitigating a variety of environmental concerns, including stormwater runoff, water and air quality, heat island effect, greenhouse gases, and energy use,” said Monica Jordan Rossiter, the city’s community development planner. “In addition, trees and landscaping enhance a corridor’s aesthetics, which promotes patronage at businesses, walkability and overall livability.”

Patton said residents who want a tree on their tree lawn can buy a tree from northern Ohio nurseries the city will pick to work with the program. The city will pick the tree up and plant it for free.

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