Fairview Park

Karl Kubb, who served as mayor immediately before incumbent Eileen Patton, has endorsed her challenger, retired police officer Richard Deem.

“I just like Deem’s ideas,” Kubb told West Life.

Specifically, Kubb said he thinks the city needs stronger exterior property inspections and a stronger financial footing.

Kubb also noted that he had gotten to know Deem well during the time the two served the city. Deem served in the city’s police department for 29 years. Kubb served as mayor from 1993 to 2000 and, prior to that, as Ward 4 councilman and council president.

“I’d rather see Mr. Deem get the opportunity,” he said of the mayoral race.

Patton appeared unfazed about Kubb’s endorsement of her opponent when asked for a reaction. She described his administration as not being active enough in addressing the city’s problems at the time. Such inaction spurred her mayoral candidacy, she said.

Then the Ward 1 Councilwoman, Patton ran for the mayor’s job in 1999. Kubb chose not to seek re-election and endorsed former West Life reporter June Bailey, who finished fifth in a five-person primary race. Patton narrowly defeated Matt Minarik in the general election.

Patton did not face opposition in re-election bids in 2003 and 2007.

Asked about Patton’s comment about him not being active enough as mayor, Kubb said several plans were in place for development along Brookpark Road by the time he left office. He also said he introduced the ordinance to launch what became the city’s senior life department, and that he obtained money for the city’s traffic light signalization project.

“I was very happy with what was going on with the city,” Kubb said of Fairview Park at the time he decided to retire as mayor.

Kubb declined to state any specific criticisms of how Patton has run the city, saying he didn’t think it was his place to do that now.

Kubb now resides in North Ridgeville but said he still maintains contacts in his former city.

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