On their last day, all 11 German students gathered to present what they learned from their week long visit to the high school.

Students from Germany got to live a week as American teenagers at Rocky River High School.

They visited Cedar Point and the West Side Market and watched the football team’s home opener against Valley Forge.

But one of the biggest highlights for the students was being picked up at the airport by a school bus, something they don’t have in Germany.

“We wanted to show them the life of an American teenager,” said Kristen Kalinowski, a family and consumer sciences teacher and coordinator of the trip.

Rocky River High School hosted 11 students and two teachers from its sister school in Velbert, Germany from Sept. 6 to Friday. They stayed with host families during their visit, This was the second time a group from Velbert visited the school.

The German students spent the week shadowing the Rocky River students to gain a better understanding of American culture. They took classes such as science, math and English and participated in extracurricular activities.

The German students don’t have sports and extracurriculars in their schools, Kalinowski said, so any sports or extracurricular activities they participate in are community based.

The trip was a result of the school’s Bridge to the World program, which allows students to travel the world during the spring and summer. Founded in 2016, the program has sent students to Costa Rica, Ireland, South Africa, Germany and China, Kalinowski said. A trip to the Galapagos Islands is being planned.

In April, 12 students from Madrid attended a Cavs game, toured Terminal Tower and sampled Cleveland staples including the West Side Market and Sokolowski’s University Inn.

“It gives our students a look inside what it’s like being someone who's never been to the states,” Kalinowski said. “It shows them the things we take for granted like sports and having a school bus.”

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