The Westlake Aquatic Center and Peterson Pool has nearly doubled its daily attendance since opening in June.

Bad weather spoiled the opening the Westlake Aquatic Center and Peterson Pool. In fact, it seemed like Northern Ohio weather wanted the city’s residents to stay away.

“We opened on June 15 and it was rainy and overcast. Then the first couple days were pretty much the same,” said Bob Deminico, the director of recreation for Westlake. “Then summer hit and we saw our numbers going from 300-400 people because they just wanted to come to over 900, coming in as pass holders or daily admissions. That’s not including all the extra programs we offer.”

On average, the pool sees anywhere from 1,200 – 1,300 people a day including the various groups that also use the pool. This includes the city’s swim team, summer camps and the learn to swim lessons that the pool offers. That’s a 200 percent increase from attendance last year, where the pool only averaged about 400-500 people a day.

“One of our busiest days in the last five years was about 850-900 people,” said Deminico. “With these last two weeks, we’re averaging that in just daily admissions. Not counting swim team and other programs.”

While the pool is only open to residents and people who work in Westlake, season pass holders may bring two non-resident guests. The cost of a pool membership can range anywhere between $100 to $300, daily passes cost $2-$8 for residents and $3-$12 for non-resident guests. The pool is open from noon-8 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. on weekends.

“It’s something the community can rally around and be proud of. This was supported by the community through issue 53,” Deminico said. “Without the resident’s support of that issue and the funding for it, this would never have been built. It’s a gathering place, a place where neighbors come in and meet with the families and where the kids can swim. It’s very gratifying.”

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