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Steve Polly led the charge for balled evergreen trees at the city’s All Aglow event at the suggestion of Councilman Christopher Klym, who serves with him on the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce’s Public Service Committee.

Steve Polly loves Rocky River. From the bustling nightlife, the access to the Metroparks to the school district that his two daughters, Evelyn and Iris attend. He loves it so much that he formed the Public Service Committee to help maintain the city’s image.

“The city’s been voted one of the best suburbs in country and I wanted to help keep it that way,” Polly said. “Rocky River is one of those little towns that people drive by and go ‘Oh, what a cool little place.’ I’m glad we can do our part to add to that.”

Polly, 51, has led a number of initiatives designed to improve the city’s image for the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce. In May, with the help of GroundWorks Land Design of Westlake, he led a group of volunteers to plant a new landscape around the city’s swimming pool and ice rink. In just three hours, the group transformed the facilities’ outdated landscaping into a more inviting environment.

Last month, Polly led the drive to donate 22 live, balled evergreen trees for the city’s All Aglow event to kick off the holiday season. The trees will be planted within the community in the spring.

Polly helped form the committee two years ago to expand the Chamber of Commerce’s activities beyond just networking events.

“I wanted to be able to offer something back to the community, and the chamber really didn’t have a vehicle in which that could be accomplished,” he said. “That’s why we started the committee, to find projects around the community that would help improve the lives of residents in it.”

Polly has been a resident of Rocky River since 2006 and his law firm, Battle & Polly LLC. has been a part of the chamber since 2012. Polly’s work with the committee has been a driving force for the organization, said Chamber President Angela Barth.

“He’s just a great partner to have for projects, especially with new ones because his enthusiasm increases with every new idea,” she said. “He’s willing to take risks and doesn’t want to do the same old thing every year.”

The committee plans to landscape the gazebo at City Hall in the spring and is considering doing a beach cleanup day. A 5K fundraiser for the chamber’s scholarship program is also being considered.

No matter what, Barth is confident that with Polly’s help, the city will continue to be a great place to live.

“He’s passionate about the community and is very caring of those around him,” Barth said. “He’s always looking for ways that he can do more and get more involved with Rocky River.”

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