Man attempts to clean North Olmsted hotel out of towels


A Cleveland man got caught helping himself to items on linen carts at a North Olmsted hotel

over and over and over again.

David Turner, 62, took more than 200 towels, blankets, pillow linens and other household items valued at $1,655 while staying at Candlewood Suites Cleveland-North Olmsted in October, police said.

Turner put the items in his broken-down minivan, which had expired license plates and was in the Country Club Boulevard hotel’s parking lot, North Olmsted Detective Sgt. Dan Barrett said.

Turner, charged with receiving stolen property, is free on $1,500 bond. His case has been referred to a Cuyahoga County grand jury.

Candlewood Suites Manager David Mamer had alerted police to the drop in his supply closet after he noticed his towel and linen inventory shrinking and suspected Turner was responsible. Cleaning staff had complained to Mamer that a guest kept taking items from their carts without asking for them.

“It was an unusual situation,” Mamer said. “I’ve seen people take one or two towels or a few items from a hotel, but never this many.”

Cleaning staff said that after Turner took items from the carts, he would walk quickly to a stairwell or to his room with no explanation or a thank you. After more reports, Mamer talked to police.

Officers accompanied Mamer to Turner’s van Oct. 28, Barrett said. Officers retrieved the missing items, which were stacked neatly in 10 boxes, from the van and towed it. They arrested Turner a few minutes later when he arrived in the parking lot.

Barrett called it a unique case.

“At first when I saw the entry in the log book I thought ‘somebody must have taken a few too many little shampoos and a couple of towels,’ he said. “We’ve had thefts from hotels before, but never this many and not so systematically.”

Police have not determined what Turner planned to do with the items, Barrett said. When questioned, Turner told police the woman staying with him told him to take them. Police could seek charges against her, Barrett said.

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