New York woman sent to jail after threatening Bay gas clerk


A 29-year-old woman is awaiting extradition to New York after Bay Village police arrested her following her threat to “blow away” a Speedway clerk July 27.

Dominique Hobson is being held in the Bay Village Jail until New York officers pick her up. She is wanted for felonious assault in New York City, where she lives, other details were not immediately available.

A Speedway clerk said Hobson became upset when she was told she could not buy cigarettes unless she showed some form of ID. Hobson yelled and swore at the clerk, police said, and also threatened to “blow her away” before storming out of the Columbia Road store at 8:37 p.m., which was when the clerk called police.

Bay Village officers found Hobson walking south on Columbia a few minutes later, said Detective Sgt. Kathy Leasure. Hobson did not have any weapons when police checked her and was uncooperative, initially giving a false name, Leasure said. She has refused to say why she was in Bay Village, Leasure said.

However, when police searched her they found a medical ID with her name. That led them to discover the warrant for the felonious assault.

“We were going to charge her with falsification and obstructing for giving us the false name, but when the New York officers said they wanted her for the assault and would come get her, we decided it was best to let them pursue their charges,” Leasure said.

Bay officers haven’t found that she was involved in any other incidents in this area, Leasure said. Hobson has continued her behavior in the jail, throwing food and being verbally abusive, Leasure said.

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