A 21-year-old former Lakewood High School student was released Monday after being arrested for posting a social media threat Saturday directed at the high school’s students, Lakewood police said.

City Prosecutor Pamela Roessner reviewed the case and also discussed it with the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office before deciding not to pursue formal charges, said Lakewood Police Capt. Gary Stone.

“They decided the case was not prosecutable,” Stone said.

The man was arrested Saturday for inducing panic and was held in the Lakewood City Jail after police traced a Snapchat threat to him, Stone said..

The threat incident came one day after St. Edward High School, also in Lakewood, was evacuated because of a social media threat seen by a student. Stone said the two incidents are unrelated.

In the Lakewood High School incident, Snapchat officials notified the Cleveland FBI about the threat late Saturday afternoon. FBI officials in turn notified Lakewood officers, who tracked it to the man. The officers checked the man’s Lakewood home, before finding him at the Lakewood Taco Bell, Stone said. The man did not offer any resistance and did not have any weapons when arrested at 9:30 p.m., Stone said.

In the St. Edward’s incident, Stone said police are checking on a potential suspect, but no arrests had been made as of Monday afternoon. School officials had evacuated the building as part of its emergency response plan and cancelled classes for the remainder of the day.

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