North Olmsted

City and Cuyahoga County officials are advising city residents to take appropriate precautions after mosquitoes trapped in North Olmsted recently tested positive for the West Nile virus.

Officials said an area north of Florence Avenue was where the positive pool of mosquitoes was found. The area was treated multiple times earlier this spring and officials will treat it again if necessary, after another examination this week.

Mayor Kevin Kennedy said the city has already taken action this year due to an abundance of mosquitoes attributed to the record rainfall.

“It is not an unusual occurrence this time of year to have infected mosquitoes in Cuyahoga County,” he said. “No human cases have been reported in Ohio at this time.”

Kennedy said Cuyahoga County has again provided strong assistance in combating potential problems.

“The Cuyahoga County Board of Health has treated 872 catch basins in the city to help prevent mosquito breeding for the entire summer,” he said. “They have received and responded to 39 residential mosquito complaints.”

Kennedy said  Bradley Woods was successfully treated in April with 2,680 pounds of  mosquito larvicide, adding that the workers treated the areas  via ground application for more effective application, instead of from a helicopter as was done in previous years.

North Olmsted Safety/Service Director Scott Thomas said the city will continue to monitor the situation and stay in close contact with the county board of health. He added people should take appropriate precautions as well to prevent possible problems.

“People should use repellent and stay away when they can from potential problems areas with large numbers of mosquitoes,” he said. “We’ll do what we can as a city as well. We just want people to be safe from any potential health issues.”

Joe Lynch, program manager at the county board of health, said Bradley Woods was examined Aug. 3. He said some water was found in the woodland pools; adult flying mosquitoes were observed, but no breeding.

County Health Commissioner Terry Allen also advised people to be careful.

“To protect yourself and your loved ones from mosquito bites be sure

to use mosquito repellent and remove standing water from your property,” he said.

If people have any questions, they can contact the board of health hotline at 216-201-2030 or visit

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