City officials plan to certify the results of the June 29 police captain’s test at a special meeting of the North Olmsted Civil Service Commission at 7 p.m. tonight.

With the move, one of the three candidates will be ready to assume the captain’s position left vacant since Jamie Gallagher was made police chief in May after Wayne Wozniak retired from the top position. Three eligible candidates took the test. They were Lt. Ron Cox, the current detective bureau commander and department technical expert; Lt. Burt Flynn, a shift commander and senior lieutenant; and Lt. Mike Kilbane, a shift commander and department training officer. All three had taken the chief’s test as well.

With the quick turnaround, the city will be able to name a new captain more quickly. Gallagher said the promotion will help the department.

“All three are fine candidates and would make good captains,” Gallagher said. “We’ll be in good shape whoever it is.”

Gallagher said he will welcome the assistance, since he’s been working without a department captain since his promotion.

“I’ll be glad to have the help,” he said. “There’s a stack of projects just waiting for him to dig in on.”

City of North Olmsted Human Resources Director Cheryl Farver said the test went smoothly.

“Everything went fine,” she said. “There weren’t any issues and we will certify the results at the special civil service meeting.”

Since the city already had an existing promotion list for lieutenant and sergeant, Mayor Kevin Kennedy said barring unforeseen circumstances, the city will use them to fill the vacancy at each of those positions created when one of the current lieutenants becomes the department captain.

Based on those lists, Sgt. Jeff Medves will go to lieutenant and Patrolman Bob Dungan will go to sergeant.

Gallagher said the promotions will all be made together.

“We have a fine department with a lot of well-trained and prepared officers,” he said.

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