Let the traffic jams begin.

The city has launched two road-widening projects that will tie up traffic on portions of Nagel and Chester roads for seven months. This is expected to increase traffic on Jaycox Road as well as Chester and Detroit roads, a cost of slightly more than $2.3 million for both projects.

About a half-mile of Nagel between Detroit and Middleton roads will be widened to three lanes to help alleviate traffic tie-ups and delays. Storm sewers also will be upgraded. Middleton is the entrance to the Meijer superstore, which has augmented traffic on Nagel since it opened in May. City Council approved to spend slightly more than $1 million on the project on July 1. KMU Trucking and Excavating of Avon was awarded the co.

About a half-mile of Chester between State Route 83 and American Way also will be widened from two lanes to three. Drive aprons and side street intersections will be rebuilt, storm sewers will be upgraded and a 12-inch water main will be replaced. City Council approved the $1.3 million project on June 24. Liberta Construction of Akron is doing construction for that project

The Chester project will require coordinating new connections with the Avon water system. Consequently, water service might be interrupted for short periods. Residents will get 48 hours’ notice of any scheduled interruptions, according to the city.

Two-way traffic between SR 83 and Travelers Point will be maintained, but traffic on Chester west of Travelers Point will be restricted to one lane, said Ryan Cummins, engineer for Avon. Eastbound traffic along Chester at Travelers Point will be detoured and access to businesses will be re-routed.

On Nagel, two-way traffic will be maintained only between Detroit and the Drug Mart entrance. Southbound traffic will be maintained while the northbound lane between Detroit and Middleton will be closed.

The Nagel access to Dunkin’ Donuts will be closed, but customers can reach the shop from Detroit Road by going through the south entrance of the Drug Mart, said John Bumbarger, a shift crew leader at Dunkin’.

“We’ll definitely be open and our customers definitely still can come in,” Bumbarger said. “They just will have to come in another way for a while. The traffic has been kind of packed along Nagel lately.”

A detour route will be posted for both Nagel Road northbound traffic.

The Nagel widening comes as the city is planning to build a $5 million roundabout at the intersection of Detroit and Nagel to also help alleviate traffic backups. The intersection is seeing 22,000 cars pass through each day, according to the city.

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