Westlake Porter Public Library Director Andrew Mangels led a discussion Feb. 12 about civic engagement as part of the One Community Reads initiative.

It looks like the city’s police station isn’t the only construction project that’s back on track.

Mayor Pamela Bobst announced Feb. 18 the city is getting ready to bid the first phase of the $3.4 million project to repair the Bradstreet’s Landing pier, which has been closed since September 2017.

“At this time because of the feedback that we’ve received (for the project) we are going to move ahead and start to finalize bidding documents,” Bobst said during her report to City Council.

The city received final approval from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources two weeks ago. Now, government officials are waiting to finalize the last few documents needed to greenlight the project; however, both agencies have allowed the city to begin bidding preparations, Bobst said.

The city is also seeking more state funding to help pay for the first phase of construction, which could include stream remediation for Spencer Creek, said Safety Service Director Rich Snyder.

The project has been stuck in project purgatory for two years. Agencies like ODNR and the Corps of Engineers had to examine the water quality as well as how construction would affect the park’s shoreline, Bobst said.

The 596-foot pier, popular among sightseers and anglers, was deemed unsafe after inspectors found crumbling concrete, missing supports and fractured steel panels, which led investigators to close it.

The removal of pier debris during demolition and construction will be funded by a $350,000 state grant and $1.11 million from Cuyahoga County’s Community Development Fund.

Detroit-based engineering firm SmithgroupJJR is overseeing the project that will include removing half of the pier and making it handicap accessible. The company will also work on stabilizing the beach and build a new pedestrian bridge over Spencer Creek on the eastern side of the park. Improvements for the parking lot are also in the works.

Bradstreet’s Landing is named after Col. John Bradstreet (1714-1774), who was leading a fleet of 1,500 men, 60 boats and nine canoes past what is now the shore of Northeast Ohio on the way to Fort Niagara in New York. The fleet was forced to make an emergency landing at the park after a storm came through and ravaged it.

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