City Council recently rezoned about 14 acres on the southeast corner of Corporate Circle Drive across from Crocker Park for development of four, one-story buildings that will hold shops, restaurants and offices.

“I have worked with the city for sometime and during the time we were developing Crocker Park, there were a number of conversations about what should go in across the street that would be good synergistically,” said Steve Rubin, Chief Operating Officer of FSW Properties, which requested the rezoning. “We always talked about something that was upscale and maybe mixed use going there.”

FSW will provide the city’s Planning Commission plans for buildings. Once the commission accepts the design, construction is expected to begin in the spring, Rubin said.

Work will also include a new Corporate Circle Drive entrance to improve access, according to Planning and Economic Development Director James Bedell.

The proposed development will have single-story buildings to address sight line concerns by the nearby residents. The city will also limit the number of restaurants to four all with an 11 p.m. closing time to prevent disturbing residents. Homes along Bassett Road, Farmington Turn and Sunset Drive abutt the areas proposed for the development.

“We spent a great deal of time working with the residents and in particular with the residents directly behind the site,” Rubin said. “We’ve been able to address their concerns, while you aren’t going to please everyone, I think we’ve done a pretty good job with working with them, listening to their concerns and taking them into account.”

City Council rezoned the land from an executive office park district designation to a Planned Unit Development district. First discussed at a council meeting in May, the site has vacant and developed land. Under the office park zoning, a six-story office building was permitted, which residents did not want.

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