The city will replace water lines and make road improvements on West 213th Street between Fairview Parkway and Hillsdale Avenue as part of a $659,000 project next summer.

The project is scheduled to start after the school year concludes for Lewis F. Mayer Middle School and Fairview High School, which are on Campus Drive at West 213th.

‘We want to keep any disruptions to the area around the schools to a minimum,” said Shawn Leininger, the city.s service/development director.

Fairview Park City Schools Superintendent Bill Wagner said starting the project after school is out is important.

“We have a lot of activities going on in that area, especially near the end of the school year, at those two schools,” he said. “We want to keep traffic and construction work down, so doing it after the school year works better.”

Fairview Park will receive $403,450 from the Cleveland water department to help pay for the work. Fairview Park is one of the cities in a program to get funding from the Cleveland water department for capital projects. The remaining costs will be paid from the Fairview Park Waterline Reconditioning Fund.

School traffic has taken its toll on the road, Councilwoman Sarah Wering said.

“This area sees a lot of traffic due to its proximity to the schools, and thus it has exceeded its useful life,” Wering said. “Anytime we do major repairs like this one, it's best if we can coordinate multiple projects in the area at once to eliminate neighborhood inconvenience and to avoid project duplication such as patching a road that is scheduled for replacement in a year or two.”

Leininger said the road was last resurfaced in 1997 and the water lines were installed in the early to mid-1950s.

Councilman Bill Minek said the work fits in with the city’s overall plan to upgrade its infrastructure.

“We try and find ways to upgrade different areas throughout the city,” Minek said.

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