The earliest memory Andrew Keith, 32, has of his abilities comes from his childhood. Whenever his mother was in pain, he would place his hands on whatever joint or muscle hurt and her pain would go away.

But that was just the start.

A traveling medium, Keith offers healing, channeled readings, entity removals and house clearings. His most popular service is healings, where he says a prayer and enters a state of meditation during which he channels energy, he says, from a different world to heal his clients. He uses that same energy and prayer when casting out entities from homes or people.

He said he does this through a scientific theory called Quantum Entanglement, a phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more particles become mysteriously linked, according to Science News.

Albert Einstein once famously referred to this theory as a “spooky action at a distance.”

“The consciousness of humanity has gone up to the extent that we’re open to intersecting with more dimensions in the quantum field,” Keith said. “As that happens, more and more people are picking up negative energies that aren’t their own. They need that cleared out and rewired and that’s the bulk of my work.”

Born and raised in Cleveland, Keith got his master’s degree at Lake Erie College in Painesville. In 1999, he went through a divorce and moved to Westlake, where he spends his summers.

Keith began exploring his abilities in 2000 while he was vice president of marketing and product development for UH Bedford Medical Center. He got fed up with the pressure and effect the job was having on his health. He quit and sought other business ventures, with no luck.

“Every day I prayed, ‘God, show me what to do with this life,’” Keith said. “About a year later, this guru talked to me in my head telepathically and sent me a driver to take me to a spiritual home where I experienced eight days of bliss and peace.”

At first, he rejected his abilities. When a woman asked him why he was wasting his gifts, he suggested that she seek help for her mental health. This is until someone he didn’t know paid for a class that would help him harness his ability.

“It wasn’t a choice, this was my path my soul plan before I was born and I fought it for a long time,” Keith said. “I kept saying ‘What a waste. I have three degrees and an MBA; I should be using it in business.’ Every time I tried to go back to it, roadblocks kept going up. It wasn’t a choice; it was a function of surrender.”

Over his 20-year career, Keith has conducted more than 1,300 house clearings and almost 5,000 entity removals. Most of his business comes from his healing sessions, where he channels the energy of the universe to relieve clients’ ailments or help them reach relatives who have died.

As a medium, Keith encounters plenty of unusual things. Once he was hired to investigate a mysterious portal in Arizona. He was asked to close it but refused when he discovered the portal was primarily used by angels.

His services are not cheap. Keith charges $100 for a half-hour healing session, $300 for an entity removal and $500 for a home clearing. But his clients believe their peace of mind is worth it, he said.

With clients all over the United States, Keith isn’t in one place for long. Last week he was in Tennessee conducting healing sessions. Along the way, he decided to go to Graceland to speak with Elvis Presley – yes, that Elvis Presley.

Keith understands the skepticism his profession draws but isn’t bothered by it.

“A lot of those people don’t believe because they’ve had religious belief systems pounded into them,” He said. “It’s how people interpret it. I would recommend they look at the science behind it. It’s all there.”

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