By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Municipal officials hope to have the the parking lot off Dover Center road between City Hall and the tennis courts more green and eco-friendly before winter sets in.

Workers from Licursi Construction got the work underway last week. City officials are estimating it will take four to six weeks to get it completed. Portions of it have been closed off to parking for the general public while the work is being done. Council rejected approving the project during the summer because some information on Licursi and related work on the tennis courts which had some flooding issues wasn’t immediately available. Concerns were also expressed about Licursi being the only bidder on the work. After Mayor Debbie Sutherland asked members to reconsider the project, City Council approved it in late summer in an effort to get the work done during the remainder of the 2015 construction season.

Sutherland said Friday the city can get the work done if conditions remain favorable.

“It will depend on the weather, but if we get decent weather we should be able to get all the work done this year,” she said. “They’ve gotten a good start on this.”

Sutherland reminded people, the project involves more than just repaving the lot.

“It definitely needed the new paving, which will make it easier for people using the lot,” she said. “But, it’s also going to improve the drainage in the area significantly with the permeable paving and eco-friendly design and materials being utilized on the project.”

She said the $180,000 project is being designed to demonstrate its eco-friendly advantages. Bay Village also received a $120,000 grant – the maximum available to a city Bay Village’s size – to help fund the project. Sutherland added it is comparable to a similar project in the North Olmsted City Hall parking lot, where current Bay Village Safety-Service Director Scott Thomas held the same position with that city before Sutherland hired him.

“We’re going to continue to look for projects like this, which provide long-term benefits,” Sutherland said.

City Council President Paul Koomar said he’s glad to see the work underway.

“Hopefully, we can get this done before the snow flies,” he said. “The area’s used by a lot of people but it’s a good project for the city.”

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