North Ridgeville's Ranger Way on track for $1.7 million expansion

Photo courtesy city of North Ridgeville                                                               A planned expansion for Ranger Way between Center Ridge and Bainbridge roads is expected to alleviate traffic from the North Ridgeville High School campus.

NORTH RIDGEVILLE - As the city prepares to start work on the $1.7 million project to extend Ranger Way near North Ridgeville High School the question many are posing is: Will the extension alleviate traffic, or create more of it?

Ranger Way will be extended 1600 from where it ends at the northern driveway of the North Ridgeville Academic Center to Bainbridge Road. The road will provide an additional north-south passage from Center Ridge Road to Bainbridge Road and is expected to alleviate the extra traffic from the school's campus.

The roadway also will serve as a direct route for the emergency services from the new fire station to the south side of the city.

"The plan is a needed connector between Bainbridge Road and Center Ridge Road for our fire station," said North Ridgeville City Engineer Dan Rodriguez. "This became a priority for the fire department to get to Bainbridge Road directly. It is much quicker, better for our fire department, and the schools will have their own interior drive.”

The project also will include the realignment of Kensington Drive which will be accessed from Ranger Way. This realignment is necessary to minimize the number of turning problems that could happen along Bainbridge when multiple intersections are within close proximity to each other. Additionally, Bainbridgewill be widened in the area of the intersection to accommodate a left turn lane from Bainbridge Road onto Ranger Way.

Work is expected to start in September and focus on work that does not encroach on the school's traffic. Once school is out of session, the connection points will be installed. The project will be completed before school reopens in August 2021.

The project will also include the extension of the eight foot wide asphalt walking path, street lighting, storm sewers, and some sidewalk replacements.

Fire Chief John Reese and North Ridgeville Schools Superintendent Roxann Ramsay-Caserio believe the project will alleviate traffic near the campus.

“This is something we really need to do," Mayor Gillock said. "When we put our new fire station in, we added a third lane to make sure we could get our fire trucks out. Our trucks can use the school property, but (twice a day) the gates close when the buses are coming. This way, the road will be opened up a little more."

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