Of the four seasons, summer is my favorite season hands down. To me, one of the best feelings in the world is sitting on my back patio when my skin is warm to the touch and there is a slight breeze to cool me off every so often. With summer brings a feeling of being carefree. In early May when the semester ended, I no longer had to worry about papers and exams; I just had to focus on finding a summer job or internship. No one told me how truly difficult that process is, especially in these tough economic times. But bright sun makes everything seem better and always puts me in a positive mood regardless of the obstacles life throws at me.

Summer also brings the sense of freedom and ability to travel and take on new adventures. Last summer, my family and I took a weeklong vacation to the magnificent city of Boston. We had a great time, and I truly enjoyed spending time with my parents and younger brother as we toured the historic sites of Boston. As we toured the city, I wished I had known of the city’s beauty when I was searching for a university, because had I known my life may have taken a much different path. Unfortunately, this summer does not hold any specific travel plans, but I am hoping that will change sooner rather than later.

As I mentioned earlier, I love being out in the sun. My ideal temperature is in the upper 70s with a slight breeze and light cloud coverage. The past two summers I was a camp counselor, and even though my face was often burned, I could always be found playing a game of soccer in the sun with the young kids. No one told me how much I would miss them this summer but I am blessed to be moving on and focusing on my true passions. When the sun and cloud coverage is ideal, I love sitting on my back patio reading a great book, or with my laptop writing a news story. It is just so relaxing and peaceful staring out into the green yard, surrounded by tall maple trees, with the sound of the pond’s fountain in the background.

I cannot wait until Memorial Day weekend, when I know that almost every pool in the area will open and I can go for a nice dip. I love swimming laps as well as relaxing in the shallow end with either my mother or some good friends. I like to lie on top of my checkered towel on the lawn chairs, but only for a limited time, until I get too hot and need to make a pathetic attempt at a cannonball off the low diving board back into the water.

Above all, my absolute favorite aspect of the summer season is the ability to go on bike rides in the nearby cemetery in the early evening. Exercising is far from a favorite activity of mine, but bike riding has a sense of ease and leisure to it that I am a fan of. I like to go just before dusk because the day’s heat has come and gone, and there are very few people and cars that I have to dodge during my expedition. I have been bike riding almost every weekday religiously for the past few summers now, and I love the self-reflection I am able to complete while on a ride. No one told me how peaceful and relaxing exercising can be, but I have really come to enjoy biking. It is a quiet time, especially in the cemetery, where I am able to reflect on the day’s events and I am able to ponder what is to come with the following day.

This summer I have been biking with my mother, whom I thoroughly enjoy, and I am glad she has decided to venture on these journeys with me. It is a great time for us to reconnect and have 45 minutes to ourselves and away from the distractions of everyday life.

I currently reside in North Olmsted and I am a senior at Wittenberg University. I am a communications major with a journalism and sociology minor. I love reading and writing in my free time, but as a college student, free time is not something that I can find very often. I am very excited to have this opportunity to be writing for the West Life this summer.

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