County executive-elect Ed Fitzgerald has his work cut out for him, managing the changeover in Cuyahoga County government. We know, because we receive every press release about every move he makes. We like that.

Too much has been too little known for too long. It’s better to know too much, and Mr. Fitzgerald knows it.

Taken directly from a Nov. 23 release:

In addition, the following is only a partial list of communtiy leaders who are participating in the transition process, assistaing in many areas, including analyzing the recommendations of the 13 work groups who participated in the (transition) process …

Which is followed by a list of 25 people ranging from a mayor to a university board member to a United Way representative.

On the same day, his office released information on the creation of an application process for county boards and commissions. How did the Founding Fathers do it before faxes?

Too much information is better than too little at this point. That motto should last through every new office holder’s first term.

Everyone in the media business, take note: There is not only room for all of us, there is a real need for all of us to responsibly sift through the information and ask, “What lies beneath?”

At some point, though, it will be OK for the messages to slow down. At least the fax machine hopes so.

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