I am back at work after a two-week vacation. I have never taken two weeks back-to-back and frankly I was becoming a little bored by week two. What do you do when you are bored? Completely reorganize your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Buy (or avoid buying) unnecessary stuff. Then you go to prison!

First the kitchen. We've been in our new house for a full year. In the madness of the initial unpacking, I picked what I thought was a logical drawer for the silverware and utensils. And for nearly 12 months, I've thought "Is this logical?" The answer, of course, was that it was not logical. So while the family was busy napping and/or working, I decided to switch the silverware drawer with the one filled with the spatulas, aluminum foil and "stuff," including a baggie filled with twist-ems (you know, the baggie every "old lady has," according to my daughter).

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