NORTH RIDGEVILLE - Police and city officials are seeking information about who vandalized South Central Park twice within one week.

North Ridgeville Police and Parks and Recreation Department officials are reviewing video surveillance footage hping to pinpointing who caused the damage sometime between Sept. 2-3 and Sept. 9-10 at the Avon Belden Road park.

During the first incident, vandals kicked in three men's restroom doors, pulled down privacy screens between the urinals and ripped two soap dispensers off the wall and threw them onto the floor. 

In the second incident, some light fixtures around Pavilion No. 1 were damaged, including the Away with Geese light close to the men's room.

No dollar amount in damage has been determined, said Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Fougorousse. But all of the damaged items will have to be replaced.

"This is disappointing," Fougorousse said. "We have insurance to pay for this, but it's still taxpayer dollars. It's a shame because we work hard to keep the park nice and clean for the residents."

Fougorousse said that a resident called police the morning of Sept. 3 to report damage. Then, the morning of Sept. 10, Fougorousse said he was informed by Mayor Dave Gillock that the park had been damaged again..

"This is odd," Fougorousse said. "Someone is trying to destroy the park. I'm sorry to say, this sometimes comes with the territory, and things get damaged, but this isn't a one-time fluke. I would have a hard time believing that it is."

"We're trying to see if we can identify anyone through facial recognition," Fougorousse said. "It could've happened during Labor Day as there were a number of people going in and out of the bathroom, but determining when the damage happened or who did it, is another thing.

He said the city parks have had damage before, but nothing like this. Investigators are using facial recognition software to see if any of the vandals can be identified.

Anyone with information or recently saw suspicious activity at the park is asked to call North Ridgeville Police at 440-327-2191.

Contact this reporter at, or 440-871-5797

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