After a week-and-a-half of confusion and uncertainty, Fairview High School’s football field is officially playable for the rest of the season. The city conducted a study from Sept. 23-25 of the turf and drainage system underneath a sinkhole on the field.

As part of the study done by the company FieldTurf, a hole approximately 12 feet deep by 30 feet long by 10 feet wide was dug from the top of the turf to the lowest point of dirt reached. FieldTurf has done minor repairs to James B. Dailey Stadium in the past, which have cost about $1,500, according to Fairview parks and recreation director Steve Owens. This study done last week cost an estimated $5,000.

Following the study, Owens said that a drain pipe dating back to the original building of the stadium in the 1920s was capped and cemented over. A crushed stone and gravel mixture was also filled into the hole to help solidify the turf.

This saga started when Fairview athletic director Joe Dianetti tweeted Sept.16 that the sinkhole near the 35-yard line toward the north end zone was “getting progressively worse,” and caused the cancellation of the varsity girls soccer game that night and the junior varsity girls team to play on a shortened field.

After minor repairs were done Sept. 18, Dianetti tweeted out the morning of the 19th that the field was quote “officially good to go!” On the morning of the 20th, however, Dianetti was informed that no games could be played until a “more in-depth repair has been made.”

Both Dianetti and Owens emphasized that at no point were any athletes currently in danger of being injured due to the sinkhole, but questions about the long-term integrity of the field led to the study.

And while the field is safe to play on for the rest of this season, both Dianetti and Owens confirmed that even more repairs to secure the field long-term will be done this offseason.

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