Zak Broschk

Zak Broschk

After two seasons leading the JV Warriors baseball team, Zak Broschk has been named the head varsity coach at Fairview High School.

The move comes after previous coach Ryan Barry, who is also the head varsity basketball coach, announced that he was stepping down after last spring to focus solely on basketball. Barry led the Warriors to a 10-12 record last season, his third as head baseball coach.

Prior to coming to Fairview, Broschk, a Fairview Park resident and middle school science teacher in the district, spent five seasons as a freshman and JV coach at Amherst Steele High School.

“I’m really looking forward to building upon the culture that coach Barry instilled as varsity coach,” Broschk said. “You could see a real change in the program. Kids were excited to play baseball, come to practice, and I’m just looking forward to building up the program in general.”

Broschk hopes to continue growing Fairview’s youth baseball system. Some ideas he has for involving younger players in the varsity game experience include youth baseball nights and pre-game barbecues at Fairview home games.

“He has shown high levels of commitment to not just the high school program but to getting the youth involved and that’s something we’ve talked about quite a bit,” Fairview athletic director Joe Dianetti said. “Getting the youth programs connected with the high school programs and making it one cohesive group (is important to us).”

One advantage Broschk will have coming into his first season as varsity coach is having coached this year’s upcoming players in JV.

“I love watching their development,” he said. “From coming (into the program) kind of raw and working with them for the past two years, you get to see their hitting, their fielding, their baseball mentality and their baseball awareness is getting so much better. I think next year is gonna be great and they just continue to grow and it’s awesome.

“The best part of working in the school is that I get to see them every day,” Broschk added. “Even in the offseason they stop by my classroom, they say ‘Hi,’ I see them in the halls. Having that rapport with them and seeing them and checking on their grades, making sure they’re just OK mentally … it’s very rewarding.”

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