A Sporting Viewpoint: Izzo will be a no go


By Jim Horvath 

          It’s just after 2 p.m., and so far there’s no word on whether or not Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo is going to accept the head coaching job with the Cavaliers.

          If Izzo were to confer with me, I would tell him this:

          Just say no.

          As each hour passes, I believe Izzo is leaning in the same direction.

          Coming to the Cavaliers would surely bring a new set of challenges (and a ton of money) to the ultra-successful coach of the Spartans. That would be true either with or without LeBron James. Izzo could pride himself as being the college coach who made the successful transition from the amateurs to the pros.

          Still, being a big fan of the college game, I can’t see Izzo giving up what he has in East Lansing. And, if you’ve ever watched him coach, he’s a bit on the heavy-handed side at times. I’m not so sure the millionaire players of the NBA would take too well to that.

          They should, mind you. I just don’t think they would. I mean, could you see James getting his backside reamed out by Izzo during a timeout? On national TV, no less? You know that would have happened during the “I quit, and I’m taking my ball home” episode during the playoff series with the Celtics.

          Izzo, of course, needs to think long and hard about this decision. Anybody in his situation would. And there’s always a degree of risk when you leave a comfortable position to take on bigger opportunities.

          As the old saying goes, you don’t get the fruit if you’re not willing to go out on the limb and get it.

          Izzo just needs to be aware of the big crack at the base of that limb.


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