Avon Lake’s wrestling program will have a new man at the helm this winter.

Following the departure of longtime coach Scott Peepers after last season, Scott Sedlick has been tabbed as next head coach for the Shoremen.

Avon Lake athletic director Brent Schremp announced July 5 that the Wellington High School and Syracuse University wrestler and graduate was hired. Sedlick was officially approved by the school’s board of education on June 27.

Sedlick won the State title at 160-pounds in 1992 with the Dukes and following his time at Syracuse, moved to California where he was head coach at Santa Margarita Catholic High School for 16 years. Currently, Sedlick is the maritime science teacher at the Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School in Cleveland.

“(Peepers) did a great job of reestablishing the wrestling program at Avon Lake and getting it to a point of being very competitive,” Schremp said. “With Scott (Sedlick), the experience of winning the State title as a high school wrestler and then … wrestling at a Division I level and being nationally ranked was very impressive. To be able to transition that into a high school wrestling coach certainly was something that intrigued us.”

Last season, the Shoremen finished ninth in the Southwestern Conference and Sedlick is excited about the opportunity to continue growing the team. Though this is his first head coaching job back in Ohio, Sedlick was helping with K-2 program at Avon Lake where was coaching his son. Similar to how his father coached him at Wellington all those years ago.

“I know that the team forfeited four weight classes last year,” Sedlick said. “You’re not going to win many dual meets when you forfeit four weight classes. We gotta get the numbers up, we gotta get the kids to come out for wrestling and make sure that, especially in this freshman class coming in, we have the numbers that we need and so that every year after that, we’ve got eight to 10 kids coming into the program with previous wrestling experience.”

To help achieve this goal, Sedlick said he is going to be very involved in the school system’s youth program, saying it is “very established and doing a good job” but still wants to see it continue to grow.

“As far as expectations as a team and as a coach? The goal is improvement every day,” Sedlick added. “You’re setting daily goals, weekly goals and the team’s getting better. That’s all that matters right now.

“That’s kind of how wrestling works,” he added. “It’s all about the grind and small achievements along the way that keep you going and keep you motivated.”

Following in the footsteps of Peepers, Sedlick said he doesn’t feel any additional pressure stepping into this role. The pressure he puts on himself has been there and will always be there and is something he thrives off of.

“You feel pressure no matter what the situation is,” Sedlick said. “I have high expectations for myself so I set my own pressure. I expect to come in there and start building the program and kids are going to start succeeding and doing better every day. (I want to) get to a point where we can compete with teams like Elyria and St. Ed’s. That’s the expectation for me.”

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